Free GPS Waypoint Manager Beta 2 Released With Import & Export

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GPS Waypoint Manager by Skylab is one of those apps that you either need or don’t. They released a beta of GPS Waypoint Manager awhile ago and now they have pushed out their second beta. This app lets you save and categorize waypoints on your BlackBerry and view them in either Google Maps or Google Maps mobile. This new beta fixes bugs along with adding the ability to import and export your GPS waypoints in .kml and .kmz files.

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Other features include:

Start / Stop / Auto-start GPS Show latitude / longitude Adjustable units for latitude / longitude, also adjustable units for distance (Imperial / Metric) Add / Edit / Delete waypoint Save waypoints to a .kmz/.kml files and view them on Google Earth or Import .kmz/.kml files with waypoints to view them on GPS Waypoint Manager Create a waypoint from current location with a name and description Waypoint categorization List existing waypoints Show distance of waypoint to current / last known location Show individual waypoint on BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps Mobile You can pick up the GPS Waypoint Manager Beta free in BlackBerry App Worldgpswaypoint4_importcomplete gpswaypoint5_viewwaypoint


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