Jawbone Icon + The Nerd: An Idiot-Proof, Skype-Loving Headset

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The Jawbone Icon is a great small headset that we reviewed earlier this year. But now Jawbone has re-packaged the Icon with the “Nerd”–a USB dongle so you can also connect the Icon to your computer. For those without a Bluetooth connection on their computer, the Nerd brings a whole new source of communication to the Icon. But even for those with a Bluetooth connection, the Nerd makes connecting so easy your mom can do it.

Plug and Play: As anyone over 50 will tell you, computers are complicated. While connecting a Bluetooth headset to a computer isn’t revolutionary, a little dongle that makes the process as easy as plugging in a hard-wired headset can take a cool product from a one-time use device to an everyday use device.

The Nerd: The face of the Nerd is textured, so it’s easy to grasp. After putting the nerd into a computer’s USB socket, the Nerd lights up to show it’s on. After hitting the button on the Nerd, the Nerd will connect the Icon to your computer. In testing, the Nerd worked exactly as promised. One benefit of bringing your own USB transmitter is that you can connect the Nerd/Icon to any computer, whether your home setup, work computer or friends computer.

Price: $103 via Amazon.com

Verdict: For those not technologically savvy, the Nerd can make all the difference when making computer phone calls. With a physical reliable Nerd connection mechanism, users can connect their phone’s Bluetooth headset to their computer to make phone calls–giving the whole experience a feeling of familiarity. A simple device for a simple problem.

Disclaimer: Jawbone provided a demo unit for this review.


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