RIM’s Former Indonesia Chief Also Named a Suspect in 9790 Launch Craziness

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 BlackBerry Indonesia Event

The drama surrounding the chaos and kerfuffle from the BlackBerry Bold 9790 launch and discount in Jakarta, Indonesia continues. Ron Ish pointed out an update in The Jakarta Globe indicating that RIM’s chief executive in Indonesia, President Director Andrew Cobham who has since left that post, has been named a suspect in the investigation. They did not arrest Cobham since his negligence only carriers a 9 month maximum jail time. Either way RIM has already made Rohilesh Singh their Indonesian Managing Director as of last month.

Still it is pretty crazy that a discount for the first 1,000 purchasers of BlackBerry Bold 9790 caused such mayhem. So far they have already named the mall’s head of security – Markus; the event organizer – Erwin; and RIM security consultant Terry Burkey on negligence charges. They have also demoted the Poliece Chief Comr. Hando Wibowo for issuing a permit for the event without knowing the size.

The question is how far will this go. I know Indonesia is a huge growth market for RIM so they have quite a bit hanging on their success in the country.

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