2012 BlackBerry Roadmap BBX Phones and More

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Kevin over at CrackBerry posted an interest post this morning about suspected phones for 2012 as well as the 10? PlayBook.  There are no leaked images, or concrete specs, but insight on form factor and estimated release months.

We have all see the leaked BlackBerry London, but now we have more code names to go by Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, and Black Forest. The Milan has the same release time as the London, so it might be a CDMA version of the London or vice-versa. The code names internally are very close with London being R072 and the Milan R071.

There is no info on the Lisbon, could it be a BBX slider? I know that if it had the form factor of the Droid 3 and be a landscape slider I would be pleased. That keyboard is a dream, and spacious… compare to the Torch form factor of now.

The Nevada is suspected to have the classic form factory of BlackBerrys with the trademark QWERTY keypad and a form factor similar to the 9900. It would be nice as Kevin said, to see a slightly bigger screen to take advantage of BBX/QNX fluidity. But unfortunately this one isn’t scheduled to really be released until the Fall.

And finally the Black Forest, this one is thought to be the 10? PlayBook. RIM has made it clear that even with their struggles with the current PlayBook, that they are completely dedicated to the tablet market. It is also suspected to be 4G ready when released as well.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and hopefully we can see one or more these at the upcoming CES show.

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